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University of California Poultry Web Page:: Publications, leaflets, symposium proceedings, and special publications on poultry management, care, breeding, flock selection, veterinary care, and many topics.

The Poultry Connection Poultry Forum:: Discussion forum for all topics related to poultry care.

New Plant Page:: Online plant finder covering the United States, lists of nurseries, descriptions of plants.

Ostrich Page:: Italian ostrich directory.

Water Page, The:: Independent initiative dedicated to the promotion of sustainable water resource management with an emphasis on Africa and other developing regions.

The Pollination Home Page:: Pollination management information for both home and professional fruit and vegetable growers, gardeners, beekeepers and others involved in pollination.

J & K's Sheep Page:: Features links to sheep care education and information, breeds and wool information, sheep jokes, and foot and mouth information.

Wheat Page at KSU:: Provide links to other useful information about wheat in Kansas, the USA and the world.

Wheat Page: Agronomy:: Resources on the agronomy of wheat, from Kansas State University.

Sweetpotato Main Page:: The International Potato Center's (CIP) page on sweetpotatoes.

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