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UC Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program:: UC Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program (SAREP) provides leadership and support for scientific research and education in agricultural and food systems that are economically viable, conserve natural resources and biodiversity, and enhance the quality of life in the state's communities. SAREP serves farmers, farmworkers, ranchers, researchers, educators, regulators, policy makers, industry professionals, consumers, and community o

Minnesota Logger Education Program:: Promotes sustainable forestry, best management practices, and workplace safety. Searchable membership directory, workshop schedule, archive of newsletters (in PDF).

WSU Nutrition Education Program:: Nutrition education programs offered to the community by Washington State University Extension have helped many Washington residents make healthier food choices, extend their food resources, manage their diabetes to live a healthier life and handle food safely to keep their families well. Nutrition education is an important factor in improving the health and well being of Washington State residents.

North Carolina Pesticide Safety Education Program:: This program aims to promote the responsible use of pesticides through educational resources and training.

Illinois Agriculture Education:: Links to agricultural organisations, educational programmes and career information.

Sustainable Agriculture Education (SAGE):: Sustainable Agriculture Education (SAGE) supports urban-edge farming and engages diverse populations in local, sustainable agriculture. Founded in 2001, SAGE is an entrepreneurial nonprofit that seeks to ensure that multifunctional agriculture – agriculture that provides food and other community benefits – is a key element of regional sustainability planning and that it is implemented on the ground in the San Francisco Bay Area and other regi

Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education (SARE):: Sustainability in agriculture embraces all farming and ranching - from small to large, from narrowly focused to highly diversified. At all times, it shuns labels that polarize or categorize. SARE is a program of the U.S. Department of Agriculture that functions through competitive grants conducted cooperatively by farmers, ranchers, researchers and ag professionals to advance farm and ranch systems that are profitable, environmentally sound and g

Texas Agriculture Education and Heritage Center:: The Texas Agricultural Education & Heritage Center is a non-profit organization under Section 501 (c) (3) of the IRS code. The Mission of the Center is to educate the public and our young people about the importance of agriculture in our society and to promote the heritage of farming and ranching in Texas. The objectives of the Texas Agriculture Education and Heritage Center are to: • Teach the public and young people where food and fiber c

Adult Agriculture Program:: Adult Agricultural Education in Missouri. Adult agricultural education classes and activities have been an important component of agricultural education in Missouri since the program's beginning. Adult education is offered as an extension of the high school agricultural education program and is supervised by the local school board in each community. Funding comes from the State of Missouri, local school districts, fees and other means of local su

Carter Center: Agriculture Program:: Provides the tools and means to help farmers in sub-Saharan Africa increase their crop yields through agricultural development.

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