IFA: World Fertilizer Use Manual

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Efficient Fertilizer Use Manual:: An online book about proper fertilizer uses, soil pH and soil sampling.

International Food Associates (IFA):: IFA means Focused Brand Building. The US Specialty Food & Confection market is the largest in the World is worth over $59 billion and growing at the rate of 10%+ per year, faster than any other sector of the US Grocery industry. However although huge it is also complex with many different channels and routes to market. It is for this reason that a focused and knowledgeable approach to brand entry or growth is absolutely essential to enable Americ

Manual de Lombricultura:: Online teaching in vermiculture offered by an Argentinian institution.

Erosion Control Manual:: The manual (on CD) features more than 40 Best Management Practices for Erosion and Sediment Control and a collection of CAD drawing files.

Urban Forestry Manual:: Produced by the Department of Defense. Contains information on soil fertility, fertilization and management of urban forest.

Woody Plant Seed Manual:: Provides information relating to the biology of tree and shrub seeds, including genetic improvement and germination.

Alternative Field Crops Manual: Rye:: Features history, uses, growth habits, environment requirements, cultural practices, and varieties.

Alternative Field Crops Manual: Triticale:: Features history, uses, and cultural practices.

Alternative Field Crops Manual: Kenaf:: History of kenaf, its uses, growth habits, environmental requirements, cultural practices and the economics of the crop.

National Parks Service IPM Manual:: Provides descriptions of the biology and management of 21 species or categories of pests.

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