Altamarie's Candies

Altamarie's Candies Related

Jo's Candies:: Offers gourmet milk chocolate and premium candies.

See's Candies, Inc.:: Manufacturer and retailer of boxed chocolates with online ordering. A searchable listing of retail outlets and information about fund-raising sales is included.

Fannie May Candies:: Boxed chocolates and truffles. Create your own assortment, gift-packaged, and standard candy selections.

Savannah Candies:: Hand dipped pralines in monogrammed gift boxes.

Bauer's Candies:: Offers Modjeskas, caramel covered marshmallows.

Carousel Candies:: Offers saltwater taffy, fudges, chocolates, turtles, jellies, and gummies.

Groovy Candies:: Offers assortment boxes of nostalgia candies from the '50s, '60s and '70s.

Smith's Candies:: Offers an assortment of regular and sugar-free candy in bulk packages.

Sweetland Candies:: Chocolate varieties, turtles and truffles packaged for gift-giving.

Beerntsen's Candies:: Sells hand-dipped chocolates and other confections. Located in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

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