Ballard Brown Bag Seed Packaging Machines

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Matuka packaging machines:: Croatian source for honey packaging equipment.

Brown and Brown Farms:: Brown and Brown Farms produce and supply agricultural and grass seeds to seed wholesalers, farmers and homeowners across the southern US and internationally. We have provided customers with grass seed in South America, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Australia and Southern Europe. At Brown and Brown Farms, the best seeds you can buy with the best help and advice you can get.

Bag Balm:: Offering ointment and dilators for healing cows, horses, and domestic animals.

Ag-Bag International:: Improving product storage in agriculture, feed commodities, and other related industries.

Bag Snaggers:: The Bag Snagger is the first and only tool ever designed and patented for removing plastic bags and other debris from trees, and it is also perfect for snagging trash from waterways, along shorelines and other hard-to-reach areas where litter and trash has collected. Able to extend as much as 40 feet, the Bag Snagger can totally eliminate the problem of bags in trees, which in many areas are a genuine blight on the landscape, and it can go after

Bag Bed, The:: Recycled plastic bags woven into beds for homeless people and refugees.

What’s in the Clam Bag?:: Assistance from the Florida Extension Service in identifying the marine organisms that may share the clams’ bag and deciding on any necessary action.

Bag Snacks Srl:: Producer of flavored fried and not fried salted potato and grain based snacks.

Dayton Bag and Burlap:: Manufacturer and distributor of burlap nursery squares, rolls, bags, greenhouse coverings and other nursery products.

MD Packaging Inc.:: Established in 1989, MD Packaging has become one of Canada’s foremost distributors of packaging automation technology for the manufacturing sectors in the food, pharmaceutical, consumer goods and industrial products industries. As a truly full service organization, MD Packaging provides national representation for many of North America’s and Europe’s premier manufacturers of packaging equipment through our offices in Toronto, Montreal, Calg

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China National Tree Seed Corporation (CNSTC)
Channel Bio Corp
Stevenson Intermountain Seed, Inc.
Sunbeam Extract Co.