Lignocell Pvt., Ltd

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Naurus (Pvt) Ltd.:: Pakistan based producer of a variety of produce items. Products, services, recipes, and contact details.

Tajir Pvt. Ltd.:: Distributors of dairy products, nuts, sauces, juice, and legumes. Based in India.

Keggfarms Pvt. Ltd:: Keggfarms Pvt. Ltd. is one of the oldest poultry breeding organizations of India established in 1967. It is best known for pioneering genetic breeding of poultry stocks in India since 1972. Keggfarms is recognized by the Department of Science and Technology as a Research and Development center for Poultry Breeding since the mid- 70s. However, since 1990 the Company is dedicated to the development of rural specific poultry stocks branded 'Kuroiler

C & A FarmFresh Pvt Ltd:: We are a fruit, vegetable and spices grower company spread in 2000 acres of land located around Bengluru. We grow, supply & export standard quality of Fresh Fruits, like banana, papaya, mango, watermelon, sapota, muskmelon, guava and grapes etc. We have a team of agro experts having years of experience & we grow our products with utmost care and ultra modern agriculture techniques. So our products are of High standard quality.

Supreme Gums Pvt. Ltd.:: Manufacturer and exporter of guar gum powder and splits. Offers quality control and application information.

Barmalt India Pvt. Ltd.:: Manufacturer of malt and malt extract. Profile, history, and products. [RSS]

Crescent International (Pvt) Ltd:: Exporter of Ceylon Black and Green tea in bulk, tea packs and tea bags for brands or private labels

D.C.Ghose & Co (A) Pvt. Ltd.:: India. Blender, packer and exporter of blended teas and tea bags. Includes the company's profile and history.

MKB (Asia) Pvt. Ltd.:: Manufactures and exporter of pure Assamese orthodox teas. Offerings include certified organic teas. Trade enquiries only.

AAS Agrotech Pvt Ltd:: Producer and exporter of gherkins. Contact link.

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