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Livestock Marketing Association of Canada:: Non-profit association of Canadian livestock marketing businesses promoting open and fair competition. Includes news and a members list.

Department of Livestock Services:: Department of Livestock Services of People's Republic of Bangladesh. The role of livestock sub-sector is vital for the economic development of agro-based Bangladesh. The contribution of livestock to National Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is 2.79 percent and which is 17.15 percent in Agricultural share. About 44 percent of the animal protein comes from livestock sources. Moreover, 4.31 percent of the total export is from the export of leather and l

Canada: Soils of Canada:: Online maps.

AgriWeb Canada:: Directory of Canadian agricultural and agri-food resources.

Monsanto Canada:: Leader in herbicides, seeds, and advanced technology traits.

Vigoro Canada, Inc.:: Supplier of fertilizer for lawn and garden use.

Canada Dry:: Corporate web site. Offers product information, product ingredients, company history, recipes, and game ideas.

Tetley Canada:: Corporate site for tea retailer. Products, offers, contests and contact information.

Danlac Canada Inc.:: Provides cheese, yogurt making supplies, and equipment as well as meat and dairy bacteria cultures to the food processing industry.

Canada Grain:: Packer and distributor of Royal Simex, cereals, pulses and animal feed. Company, product and ordering details. Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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