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Sperm Sexing Technology:: Sequent Biotechnologies Inc. is developing commercial sperm-sexing technology enabling farmers to pre-determine the sex of offspring prior to conception.

Useful Technologies Inc.:: Software developer which designs agricultural risk management applications.

TrueLeaf Technologies:: Provides horticulture environment systems for greenhouses.

Yokozuna Technologies:: Manufacture and sell organic fertilizers as well as pest control products.

Hedley Technologies, Inc.:: Protection against insect infestation in stored grain without malathion, insecticide, phosphine, methyl bromide.

Fermentation Technologies:: Produces a home-made, home-brewed liqueur kit. Includes recipes for alcoholic drinks and deserts, and history of liquor making. Canada.

Libra Technologies, Inc.:: Offers testing capabilities, reagents, and consultancy for manufacturers of frying oils, fried foods, chocolate, beverages, flavors and snack foods.

Deville Technologies Inc.:: Manufacturers of high capacity cheese shredders.

Focused Technologies:: Designs and manufacture of electronic sorting equipment.

Scanz Technologies Ltd:: Supplies specialist equipment to the aquaculture, fish, meat and dairy processing industries, including oxygen generation, robotic feeders, fish pumps and processing equipment.

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