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LaMancha Pedigree Database:: Includes pedigree information for LaMancha dairy goats, plus name of breeder. This database has been set up so any user can view, add or modify an animals records.

Madalyn Pedigree Ryelands:: Breeder of Ryeland sheep. Show results, history of the Ryeland, and information on spinning and weaving Ryeland wool. Located in Lanarkshire, Scotland.

Hermitage Pedigree Pigs:: Providing top quality semen for individual breeding programs. Located in Kilkenny, Ireland

Certified Pedigree Swine:: Registry of the Poland China, Chester White, and Spotted breeds in the United States. Features forms, publications, calendar, history, and show and sale results.

Grove Herd of Pedigree South Devons:: Offers bulls at the breed sales at Exeter in March and October each year. Breeding females are offered for sale privately or at periodic production sales.

Astbury and Bringlee Pedigree Belgian Blues:: Site offers semen and embryos for sale, links, photos and genetic advice. Located in Astbury, Congleton, Cheshire, UK.

The Slebech Herd of Pedigree English Longhorns:: Breeders of English Longhorn Cattle based in Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK.

Pedigree Highland Cattle at Oak Fold:: Pedigree Highland cattle, characteristics and breeding. Photographs of current Highland stock, details of beef and stock availability.

The Eden Flock- Pedigree Ryeland Sheep:: The Ryeland sheep was developed in the Southern part of Herefordshire (Archenfeld) on land which originally grew a great deal of rye grass. It is probably the oldest of the recognised breeds, the earliest references dating back to the twelth century when the monks of Hereford were trading in Ryeland wool. The origins of the breed are uncertain. Youatt, writing in 1837, suggests that the Ryeland descends from Spanish Merino sheep imported into Eng

WE International:: Specializes in waste management enzymes and cleaning products for livestock/poultry production, energy-efficient lights, reflective insulation, and grain handling equipment.

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