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The Agribusiness Council (ABC):: The Agribusiness Council (ABC) is a private, nonprofit/tax-exempt, membership organization dedicated to strengthening U.S. agro-industrial competitiveness through programs which highlight international trade and development potentials as well as broad issues which encompass several individual agribusiness sectors and require a "food systems" approach. Examples of such issues are commercialization of new technology/crops, environmental impacts, hu

Virginia Agribusiness Council:: The Virginia Agribusiness Council, formed in 1971, advocates for the business interests of the diversified industry of agriculture and forestry. The Virginia Agribusiness Council is a non-profit member organization committed to representing the agriculture and forest industries in the Commonwealth with a unified voice through effective government relations efforts. • Vision: A Thriving Agribusiness Community for Future Generations • Missi

Georgia Agribusiness Council:: Officially incorporated on January 17, 1966, the Georgia Agribusiness Council mission is "To Advance the Business of Agriculture through Economic Development, Environmental Stewardship and Education to Enhance the Quality of Life for All Georgians." This mission forms the basis for our efforts on behalf of our members and this industry each day. The Georgia Agribusiness Council is the organization which provides a forum for the entire agricultura

Agribusiness Council of Indiana (ACI):: The Agribusiness Council of Indiana has deep roots in Indiana’s agribusiness community. Formed in 2001, ACI brings together two longstanding agribusiness associations: the Indiana Grain and Feed Association (formed in 1902) and the Indiana Plant Food and Agricultural Chemicals Association (formed in 1966). ACI has approximately 450 member companies spanning the Midwestern grain, feed, fertilizer and ag chemical industries. The Agribusiness Coun

Wisconsin Agribusiness Council (WAC):: We are a statewide business league dedicated to improving the business environment for agriculture in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Agribusiness Council: • is an effective voice for our members on political, regulatory and educational issues. • educates consumers, legislators, and community leaders on the economic, social and quality of life importance of Wisconsin's agricultural industry. • keeps members informed of proposed changes in go

Agribusiness & Water Council of Arizona:: The Agribusiness & Water Council of Arizona (ABWC) is a not for profit trade association whose membership represents the entire agricultural community from Ditchbank to Dinner Plate in Arizona. ABWC was established in 1978 to respond to proposed water legislation and to serve as the State’s Reclamation representative to the National Water Resources Association. Its members are comprised of growers, ranchers, suppliers of equipment, seed, chemic

Alabama Wigglers:: Supplies various breeds of worm. Includes information on raising worms and the requirements of each breed.

IPM Alabama:: Includes a collection of links, weekly pest updates, crop pest and disease information, pesticide information.

Alabama Sunshine:: Makers of hot, BBQ and pepper sauces. Also produces table syrups.

Growing Bamboo in Alabama:: Provides an economic history of the use of the plant as a crop in the state. Includes a discussion of soils, climate, propagation and culture.

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