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The Asia Rice Foundation:: a foundation working to secure a prosperous future for Asia's rice societies by supporting rice educational activities, cultural preservation, research, and advocacy movements.

Animals Care (UK):: Animals Care (UK) is an amalgamation of our dog and horse intersets split into four categories. Category one is our ‘Horse Rug Care’ products, category two is our dog home boarding, dog walking, dog sitting & pet sitting under our banner of ‘Safe in our Care’, here in Norfolk, category three is our ‘Pet & Home Care’ products for people with animals and category four is our ‘Personal Care’ products which are hygienic and well bein

Animals Care:: Animals Care - A community of pet and animal lovers that seeks to bring you inspiring news and updates on trends in animal ownership. We invite you to tour our site, read our blog and to contact us with any questions.

Desert Animals::, a website in The Animal Spot, is a reference to some of the animals that can be found in the desert. A desert is defined as a region that receives very little rainfall. It can be hot or cold. There are various types of deserts all around the world, from the harsh elements of the Sahara desert in Africa to the 4 deserts of the Southwestern United States. Areas in Antarctica are examples of cold deserts. On the website there is

Zoo Animals in the UK:: We have been having lots of fun on our weekends away visiting zoo animals, we hope you have fun reading all about them.Giraffes, Lions, Fish, Birds we have them all. Here are some of the things you will find here: * Lots of interesting information * See some great photographs * Read our reviews * Write your own reviews As well as all this you can also join in and have we will have bit more fun. Zoo Animals in the UK is a snippet of our

Birds and Animals Unlimited:: Birds and Animals Unlimited endeavors to provide consistent quality animal talent to the production of films, television and commercial programming. We were at the forefront of establishing safety protocol and standards of care for animals utilized in the motion picture industry and remain dedicated to such principles. Our Team of top animal trainers and animal talent have been instrumental in producing creative, memorable, award winning entertai

Tracking Threatened Birds and Animals:: From Space Today Online, see how marine animals are tracked by using satellites.

Guidelines for Using Donkeys as Guard Animals with Sheep:: This paper summarizes some of the management guidelines and other factors which may improve the likelihood of a donkey becoming a successful livestock guard animal.

Microlivestock: Little-Known Small Animals with a Promising Economic Future:: Describes little-known small animals and microbreeds of common livestock animals that may be economically useful. Targeted at developing countries.

WWW Library: Breeding of Animals and Crop Plants:: Directory of Internet links.

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