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Iowa Public Interest Research Group (Iowa PIRG):: Aims to promote environmental and consumer protection issues.

Conservation Through Birding:: The American Bird Conservancy provides information on bird conservation and how birders can get involved.

Matagorda County Birding Nature Center:: Includes news, bird lists, and more.

All About Birds:: Your guide to birds and bird watching. All About Birds is created by the staff of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. It’s our aim to make this site the Web’s best and most comprehensive resource for North American birds, bird watching, and bird conservation—accessible to everyone for free. It’s all part of the Cornell Lab’s mission: to interpret and conserve the earth's biological diversity through research, education, and citizen science

Birds:: The website is owned and operated by Paley Media. Our objective is to create a best of breed site that provides information about “all things Birds”. Our approach is not to compete with other sites about Birds, but rather to provide a gathering place for all of this information that organizes and presents it to the viewer in a clear and logical manner. We also provide a set of services to our viewers with things such as discussion groups abou

Pheasant Birds:: Informational site on the pheasants, with breeder links, organizations and recommended books.

Ostrich Birds:: Information on the Ostrich with breeder listings and organizations.

EU Birds Directive:: A directive relating to the conservation of all species of naturally occurring birds in the wild state in the European territory of the Member States to which the Treaty applies. It covers the protection, management and control of these species and lays down rules for their exploitation.

Birds Australia (BA):: There are almost as many types of people who are into birds as there are birds themselves. There are scientists who study them, observers who watch them, twitchers who chase after them, conservationists who want to protect them and members of the general public who just like having birds in their lives. What these diverse groups have in common is Birds Australia. Since 1901, Birds Australia (formerly the Royal Australasian Ornithologists Union) h

Birds & Blooms:: Birds & Blooms launched as a bimonthly magazine 1995 when we realized that gardeners and birders often share the same interests. It makes sense—if you want to attract birds to your backyard, gardening and landscaping are a great way to do it. And when a garden’s in bloom, adding the movement of colorful birds and their cheery songs makes a backyard come alive. This concept was so successful that in 2005, we created Birds & Blooms Extra. The

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