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Backyard Poultry:: Backyard Poultry is published bi-monthly in north-central Wisconsin by Countryside Publications, Ltd. In addition to feature articles, each issue contains informative articles in the following departments : Breed Selection, Housing, Management, Health and Nutrition, Rare and Historic Breeds, News and Views, Other topics of interest to promote more and better raising of small-scale poultry.

Backyard Bison:: Bison producer with on farm store for the purchase of meat products.(Coopersburg, Pennsylvania)

Backyard Alpacas:: Jody and Kevin Pellerin of Alberta are offering alpacas for sale.

Backyard Jungle:: Allows users from around the world to upload photos, drawings, and descriptions of the natural surroundings where they live, their "backyard."

Try Backyard Farming:: We'll Show You how to Benefit From Backyard Farming using cutting edge Ideas to Grow Tons of Healthy Organic Foods in your Backyard. We are a small initiative based in North Central Ohio. That would be USDA Hardiness Zone: 5B. We get the traditional four seasons in North Central Ohio, no unlike a large portion of the United States and Europe. This includes beautiful but chilly Springs, warm sunny Summers, absolutely beautiful Autumns, and Very S

Jane's Backyard Chickens:: Jane Wright gives good advice on raising chickens and anecdotes from her chicken peeps.

The Poultry Connection Poultry Forum:: Discussion forum for all topics related to poultry care.

S and S Poultry:: We are a small poultry farm in Eastern North Carolina. We raise several varieties of heritage turkeys (Midget White, Standard Bronze, and Bourbon Red) • Ducks (Muscovy and Gray Indian Runner) • Peafowl (India Blue, 7/8 Spaulding, and White) • Chickens (Buff Orpington,Black Copper Marans, Dark Cornish, and Blue Cochins) • Rabbits (Silver Fox and Cal/NZW) • Each breed has its own page and we have included lots of pictures for your

Just Sussex Poultry:: Provides photographs and descriptions of light, silver, speckled and buff Sussex chickens and bantams.

Kasturi: Poultry:: Provides hatchery, layer and broiler business management software for the poultry industry allowing control over production and performance details, stock levels and inventory management.

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