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DIY Chicken Coop Plans:: Offers an ebook with information on raising chickens and building a chicken coop.

Chicken Coop Plans - Keep Chickens In Style:: The Garden Coop and The Garden Ark chicken coop plans make it easy to build and customize the perfect backyard chicken coop. These coops are designed right. So whether you're new to chickens or carpentry, you'll get the most out of raising your own garden-fresh eggs — without turning your backyard into a barnyard. Take your pick. . . Verily, The Garden Coop and The Garden Ark. Chicken coop plans and chicken tractor plans for your backyard. P

Barn Plans:: Offering AutoCAD drawn barn plans with the owner/builder in mind. Blueprints for barns from 16 to 32 feet wide, and from 24 to 60 feet long.

Bandmill Plans Online:: Offering bandmill plans and blueprints online or for download.

A to Z Teacher Stuff: Earth Day Lesson Plans::

Educator's Network Lesson Plans - Earth Day Network:: Find lesson plans on sustainability, climate, energy, natural resources and wildlife, and more.

Chicken Characteristics:: Descriptive diagram of both the male and female chicken.

Chicken Production:: Collection of links to research materials on production chicken husbandry including news, diseases, economics, reproduction, management, genetics, housing, and nutrition.

The City Chicken:: Provides plenty of information to help city dwellers to get started in this enterprise, including details of coops and workshops to attend.

The Easy Chicken:: Plenty of helpful information to help a beginner set up a poultry enterprise.

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