Longtail Fowl and Longcrowers of the World

Longtail Fowl and Longcrowers of the World Related

Exotic Fowl:: American Poultry Association and American Bantam Association Judge shares his history in the poultry fancy. Includes pictures of shows, poultry people, his poultry yard, waterfowl, land fowl, and bantams.

Raising Guinea Fowl:: Article from the Texas Cooperative Extension providing information on the commercial farming of guinea fowl. [PDF]

Getting Started in Game Fowl Breeding:: Provides information on game chicken breeding. Includes some readers' comments.

Guinea Fowl Breeders Association:: Non-profit US association, open to anyone interested in guinea fowl. Public information, as well as membership details.

World Reference Base, Map of World Soil Resources:: Map, information and legend of the World Soil Resources. 1:25.000.000 scale, with image and georeferenced vector formats, FAO/AGL 2003.

World: Lecture notes on the major soils of the world:: Description, characteristics, geography, landforms and genesis of the 30 Reference Soil Groups (WRB), grouped in 10 sets

Tree World:: Provides an international arborist’s forum for discussion and information about trees with industry experts. Questions answered, participation for registered users.

World: GlobalSoilMap:: A international project of fine-resolution world soil map (and derived information), using existing datasets and state-of the art mapping technologies.

The World of Soil:: Resources and articles on soil science and upkeep. Includes list of links. Intended for agriculture and horticulture.

Premier World:: Manufactures components for advanced sprinkler and drip irrigation systems.

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