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North Carolina Coastal Federation (NCCF):: Citizens working together to provide educational, technical, advocacy, and legal assistance to protect coastal environment.

South Carolina Wildlife Federation:: Dedicated to preserving the natural resources of the state of South Carolina.

Arkansas Poultry Federation:: The Arkansas Poultry Federation was established in Little Rock in 1954 as a non-profit trade organization to represent the poultry and egg industries in the state. In 1998, the office consolidated with Oklahoma and Missouri to become "The Poultry Federation". We continue to operate as a trade organization, representing poultry and egg, with offices now in Little Rock, AR, Jefferson City, MO, and Oklahoma City, OK.

California Poultry Federation:: Trade association of turkey and chicken producers and marketers. Includes production statistics, export reference guide, services directory, and links to members' sites.

One North Carolina Naturally:: Working together through conservation to map a healthy and prosperous future. The One North Carolina Naturally initiative promotes and coordinates the long-term conservation of North Carolina’s threatened land and water resources. The Office of Conservation, Planning, and Community Affairs works to develop and implement a comprehensive approach to guide statewide natural resource conservation. As part of these efforts, the Conservation Planning

North Carolina Forestry Association:: Includes an overview of forestry science and management.

North Carolina Watermelon Association:: Promotes consumption, research, production, and the marketing of watermelons.

North Carolina Simmental Association:: NCSA- North Carolina Simmental Breeders.

North Carolina Cooperative Extension:: Poultry Science Extension has the privilege to provide educational opportunities related to poultry to North Carolina residents. Our expertise is available to the poultry industry. The areas of expertise that is available from our Extension personal are nutrition, feed milling, poultry health, food safety, processing, hatchery management, poultry reproduction/breeding and grow out management for most all species of poultry. Additionally, we are i

Major Corn Diseases in North Carolina:: A review of pest and diseases affecting this state's crops.

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