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University of Kentucky's Poultry Page:: Poultry is Kentucky's number 1 agricultural industry as well as the number one food commodity. Poultry production is a $900 million industry in Kentucky. Poultry production is also popular with small flock owners. Poultry are even kept in some cities, though in much reduced numbers. If you have questions regarding poultry production or poultry products explore our website and check out or extension publications. If you are interested in a career

FeatherSite: The Poultry Page:: Informational site on domestic poultry, including photos, video and information about chickens, ducks, geese, guinea fowl, peafowl, pigeons, turkeys and wildfowl.

Purdue University's Forage Information Web Site:: This site contains information on forages for the Midwestern U.S. It contains a section on forage plant identification, complete with photos.

Viticulture Home Page - Iowa State University:: Articles and bulletins relating to general viticulture. Also events and methodology specific to the American Midwest and similar climates.

California Poultry Federation:: Trade association of turkey and chicken producers and marketers. Includes production statistics, export reference guide, services directory, and links to members' sites.

University of Minnesota Environmental Health and Safety Home Page:: Provides health and safety resources and programs that prevent accidents and minimize human exposures to hazardous agents and conditions.

Department of Poultry Science at University of Georgia:: The Department of Poultry Science provides outstanding educational experiences for students and service to poultry producers, poultry related businesses and the general public through the discovery, verification and dissemination of relevant, science-based knowledge.

Organic Growing - University of California:: This page gives a list of links to PDF documents on organic growing. Topics include organic certification, soil management, weed management, pest management, insect management and postharvest handling.

UC IPM Online - University of California:: Wide ranging approach on all aspects of integrated pest management (IPM) principles including degree-days, weather data, pesticide labels and a weed photo gallery. Includes advice on pest monitoring techniques, chemical control measures, as well as non-pesticide alternatives.

Vegetable Diseases - University of California:: Notes on a number of vegetable diseases.

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