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poultryOne Guide to Raising Chickens:: Articles about raising poultry, and a forum.

Non Entry Systems, Ltd.:: Tank cleaning, oil recovery systems, remote operated handling equipment for oil and nuclear waste. Includes explanation of procedures used and a FAQs page. (United Kingdom)

Agricultural Biodiversity and Livelihoods: Issues and Entry Points for Development Agencies:: Report reviews policy issues concerning the maintenance and development of agricultural biodiversity in farming systems emphasising need for greater involvement of farmers and their communities. [PDF]

Best Breeds of Chickens:: Mississippi State University Extension Service discussion on the selection of a particular breed for a home flock.

For the Love of Chickens:: A longtime chicken fancier provides information for chicken enthusiasts. Includes tips on care, feeding, fitting and showing chickens.

Poultry: Chickens:: Classification, origins, characteristics, breeds and production systems.

Bantam Chickens and Waterfowl:: Breeder of bantam white crested black polish chickens, ducks, mandarin, grey call, American wood, white wood, white mandarins for sale.

Jane's Backyard Chickens:: Jane Wright gives good advice on raising chickens and anecdotes from her chicken peeps.

Keeping Chickens at Home Blog:: Personal journal with pictures and video showing beginners how to keep chickens at home.

Cyndilou's Chicken Flock: A Place about Chickens:: Information about chickens, their care, coops, breeds, chick care and brooder area, chicken pictures, and links.

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