Working Towards the Sustainability of Small-scale Duck Production in Asia Related

Small-scale Oilseed Processing:: Describes the basic processes involved in oilseed processing.

Technical Manual on Small-Scale Processing of Fruits and Vegetables:: Examines the socioeconomic benefits and effects on rural development of small agroindustrial enterprises in Latin America and the Caribbean. Used as a guide for the activities that the United Nations FAO carries out in these areas.

Agrodiversity as a Means of Sustaining Small Scale Dryland Farming Systems in Tanzania:: Describes the benefits of using diverse and sustainable farming methods in the region. [PDF]

Organic Small Grain Production:: This publication discusses how organic cultivation of these crops differs from standard practices, soil fertility, insect and disease management, weed management and marketing. [PDF]

North Carolina Small Grains Production:: Information on small grains, variety selection and production topics.

Raising The Wood Duck and Mandarin Duck:: Information on keeping and breeding the wood duck and mandarin with pictures and where to obtain them.

Luv-a-Duck : Australia's Favourite Duck:: In 1958, when 20 year old Art Shoppee moved to Nhill in the heart of the Victorian Wimmera to take over a dry cleaning business, he had no idea that destiny was calling. Some years later, after a very successful trial raising 20 ducklings in his back shed and selling them to restaurants in Adelaide, Art realised there was a market for these feathered delicacies and conceived the idea of a major duck breeding business. Today we have a world cla

Small Pellet Machine and Small Pellet Plant Manufacturer:: GEMCO is one of world leading pellet mill manufacturers. Over more than 10 years of research and development, GEMO has achieved progress in pellet mill technologies. The small pellet mill (capacity 50-800kg/h) is GEMCO hot sale product. It has four types: electric small pellet mill, diesel pellet mill, PTO pellet mill and gasoline pellet mill. The small pellet mill can make pellets from biomass like wood, sawdust, bamboo, straw, grass, stalk, ric

Reliable Scale Corporation:: Includes agricultural lines such as the Cattle Performance Data-Logger and the Animal Feeding Data-Logger.

Sustainability Institute:: Provides information on projects on sustainable food production and environmental issues, and offers courses, workshops and consultation services.

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