European Animal Disease Genomics Network of Excellence for Animal Health and Food Safety

European Animal Disease Genomics Network of Excellence for Animal Health and Food Safety Related

Animal and Animal Products Import: Ratites and Hatching Eggs:: Provides information on the procedures involved in importing ratites and other avian species into the US.

GD Animal Health:: GD Animal Health is a leading organisation in animal health and animal production. Over ninety years, GD Animal Health has supported industrial customers, governments, veterinarians and farmers by providing animal health programmes and laboratory diagnostic services. The main goal of GD Animal Health is “Teaming up for animal health, in the interest of animals, their owners and society at large”. Good health is in the interest of animals and

NCSU: Animal Science - Extension Animal Husbandry:: North Carolina State University information resources on animal nutrition and other aspects of animal husbandry for livestock animals.

Institute for Animal Health:: The IAH in the UK is a specialist centre for research into infectious diseases of farm animals. It also provides diagnostic services for animal diseases and gives expert advice to the UK government and international agencies.

Elanco Animal Health:: Discovers, develops, and markets food products to producers, ranchers, farmers, veterinarians, and others.

Meriden Animal Health:: Multinational company specializing in the development and marketing of animal health products.

PBS Animal Health:: Animal Health Products & Livestock Supplies. Serving livestock producers since 1941. Your #1 dewormer & vaccine source! Your Trusted Source for Affordable Animal Health Products. Save BIG on the livestock and cattle supplies you need to help keep your animals healthy, and your operation profitable, at PBS Animal Health! Find a wide selection of low, low priced products for beef and dairy cows, pigs, sheep and goats, alpacas and llamas, poultry, h

European Consortium for Organic Animal Breeding (ECO-AB):: It aims to promote organic agriculture through animal breeding based on the standards and principles of organic farming and directed at the needs of organic farming systems.

LAH Lohmann Animal Health:: Suppliers of vaccines and feed additives for animal health and nutrition. Includes product information, safety data and legislative information.

Animal Genetics:: Journal of the International Society for Animal Genetics. Research on immunogenetics, biochemical genetics and molecular genetics of economically important and domestic animals.

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