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Peninsula Open Space Trust:: Dedicated to preserving the beauty, character, and diversity of the San Francisco Peninsula.

Stanford Open Space Alliance:: Petition, events, and facts about protecting the Stanford foothills.

Friends of Princeton Open Space:: Raises funds to assist in the acquisition of easements and land for permanent open space in the vicinity of Princeton, NJ.

NASA: Goddard Institute for Space Studies:: Includes a spotlight on global warming, and information on their research into the climate and climate modelling.

Open Space Protection Collaborative (OSPC):: Working to increase the pace of voluntary preservation of open space, including forest, farmland, natural areas, and culturally or historically significant properties in the Carolinas.

Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District:: Public agency formed to preserve a regional open space greenbelt, linking district preserves with other public parklands. Includes meeting minutes and schedule of hikes and lists dog-friendly trails.

International Charter Space and Major Disasters - Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico:: Collection of images shared by member agencies. [English, Chinese, French, Japanese, Spanish]

Bee Craft:: Monthly journal providing the latest beekeeping ideas and research for beginners and seasoned apiarists. Subscription information, events calendar, topical tips, discussion board and FAQ.

Bee Biodynamic:: Campaign to raise awareness about the urgent need to save the honeybee. Encourages biodynamic agriculture which supports the life of bees, providing them with a safe and halthy environment.

Bee Thinking:: Supplier of horizontal top bar and Warré hives. Also provides a directory of bee related resources.

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