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UT Bees & Beekeeping Extension:: UT honey bee extension efforts focus on supplying accurate research-based information to extension agents and beekeepers to improve the beekeeping industry, promote pollination of fruits and vegetables and help beekeepers "keep" their honey bee colonies alive. Activities include conducting educational programs, workshops and training sessions for agents and beekeepers. The Tennessee Beemaster Program provides extensive classes and demonstrations

University of Nebraska Extension: Agriculture:: Catalog of publications on a wide range of agricultural and other topics available to the public.

The Internet Apiculture and Beekeeping Archive:: Articles from the newsgroup sci.agriculture.beekeeping, logs from the listserv bee-l, FAQ files, and pointers to other beekeeping and apicultural resources.

Beekeeping and Bees:: Bees and beekeeping. Information about beekeeping, bees, honey. Treatment of pests and diseases. To inform yourself about beekeeping you need comprehensive book which shows you all aspects and "Beekeeping 101" has covered all the important key areas so even a beginner or a complete novice can get the information they need to get started and enjoy beekeeping!

Bees and Beekeeping - EntsWeb Directory:: A collection of links to beekeeping information from sites around the world.

Olivarez Honey Bees:: Supplier of queen honeybees, and package bees.

International Beekeepers Community with Native Honey Bees:: The new web site is for Honey Bee Diversity and Bee Research. You are very welcome to enjoy our new information portal about all the native bees over the world, i. e. Apis Honey Bees in Africa, Asia, Europe, also Stinglees Bees (Melipona, Trigona) in the Tropics. If You keep Bumble Bees or solitary Bees.

Honey Beekeeping Center:: The site of "Honey Beekeeping Center" provides free information about Beekeeping. My name is Richard Winters. I've been involved in beekeeping for most of my Life. I grew up on a fruit ranch in eastern Washington state, where every spring we had bee hives brought in to the orchard to pollinate the fruit trees. I became fascinated by honey bees at an early age, and continue to be fascinated by them still. If you are looking for information about b

Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources: University of Nebraska:: Provides information on the Institute, its courses, faculty, research, distance education and students.

University of Idaho Extension:: Offers research-based educational programs and publications in the areas of agriculture, community development and family and consumer sciences.

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