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It's All About Bees!:: It’s All About Bees! is a small local family-owned business. We specialize in creating our own unique reipes based on old-fashioned favorites as well as new and exciting food experiences. We are known for unique and all-natural products: • Local and Varietal Honey • Reduced Sugar Jam & Jelly • Delicious Sauces & Salsa • Natural Body Care Products • Beneficial Beeswax Candles • Beautiful Gift Baskets & More!

Bees:: Bees are four-winged insects, usually with a sting. There are over 12,000 species, but only about 600 of them are social in habit. Among the social bees are the honeybee (or hive bee) and the bumblebee. The bumblebee is round and furry and moves around slowly. The honeybee has a more streamlined body and moves around much faster (about 15 miles/hour). Bees have been producing honey for at least 150 million years. Bees create honey by repeatedly r

A Spring without Bees:: Provides information on a book by journalist Michael Schacker which examines the evidence linking IMD to Colony Collapse Disorder and offers a plan to save the bees.

Bees-Online:: Information resource about honey bees and their value to mankind, written to inspire and encourage people to keep bees themselves.

Enemies of Bees:: Information on the most common bee diseases that occur in the United States with suggested treatments.

Bees and Wasps:: The insects most beneficial to humans are found in the large insect order Hymenoptera. Not only are the bees and many of their relatives pollinators of flowering plants, including fruits and vegetables, but thousands of species of small wasps are parasites of other arthropods including pest insects. Without these parasites that limit the growth of insect populations, pests would overtake most crops.The urban pests of the order Hymenoptera are the

VP Queen Bees:: VP Queen Bees produces Artificially Inseminated queen bees used as breeders. A breeder queen is used to produce many daughter queens. Folks who use our breeder queens are queen bee producers, commercial operators who migrate for pollination and/or honey production and beekeepers needing varroa resistant queens used as foundation stock for their queen production.

Bees in Winter:: Bees in Winter : Your online guide on how to be a beekeeper. Keeping bees in winter. What to expect happening with bees in winter, and what to do about it keeping them alive and health till the summer.

Beekeeping and Bees:: Bees and beekeeping. Information about beekeeping, bees, honey. Treatment of pests and diseases. To inform yourself about beekeeping you need comprehensive book which shows you all aspects and "Beekeeping 101" has covered all the important key areas so even a beginner or a complete novice can get the information they need to get started and enjoy beekeeping!

Of Bees, Beekeepers and Food:: Information about the importance of bees and pollination to our food supply, beekeeping, honey, and beeswax.

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