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Iowa Honey Producers Association:: The Buzz Newsletter contains the majority of the site content. In the future additional articles will be posted from IHPA to help document and expound upon the experiences and expertise of beekeepers across the state of Iowa.

Iowa Pork Producers Association:: Provides leadership in areas related to the industry in order to enhance Iowa pork producers' opportunity, profit, success and stewardship.

American Honey Producers Association:: The American Honey Producers Association is an organization dedicated to promoting the common interest and general welfare of the American Honey Producer

British Columbia Honey Producers Association:: Promoting and encouraging beekeeping in BC. Disseminating reliable and practical information, education, exhibitions and sponsorship of beekeeping activities.

Iowa Pork Producers:: Includes recipes.

New Zealand Honey Producers Co-op Ltd.:: We are proud to be able to supply some of the worlds best honey gathered right here in New Zealand.

Iowa Bison Association:: Made up of bison producers and bison enthusiasts dedicated to preservation and promotion of the 'Great American Bison'.

Iowa Cattlemen's Association:: Representing over 12,000 Iowa beef producers.

Iowa Angus Association:: Includes a calendar of upcoming events, news, and membership directory.

Iowa Guernsey Association:: Guernsey cattle breeders in Iowa - includes awards, semen available, and member information.

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