The Barefoot Beekeeper

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Barefoot College:: A place of learning and unlearning, addressing problems of drinking water, income generation, electricity, and power.

Oregon Beekeeper's Association:: Contact details, pollination services, and back-issues of "Bee Line", the association's official publication.

Pawtuckaway Beekeeper's Association:: Local New Hampshire association information including membership information, calendar of events, and annual bee school.

Meet One Danish Beekeeper:: Provides a diary recounting the activities of an efficient hive owner in Denmark.

Beekeeping : The Beekeeper's Homepages:: Read parts of the website's bestselling book: Bad Beekeeping! A best-seller in the honey bee world! This 5-Star rated book available from 'amazon' is a great introduction to keeping honey bees and a fantastic story about the life of a beekeeper! Our hive and honey bee website helps keep honey bee enthusiasts informed! Everything you want to know about beekeeping, honey, and honey bees is right at our website! The Beekeeper's Homepages has been fr

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