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Other Controls: Insects, Enemies of Insects:: Article by Barnard D. Burks which investigates the insect world, describes how some insects parasatize others and how man can benefit from this.

Feeder Insects: Livefood:: Offers a range of feeder insects to hobbyists, shipping anywhere in continental USA. Includes firebrats, woodlice, bean weevils and buffalo worms.

Soybean Insects and Diseases:: Photographs and information from Iowa State University on soybean insects, foliar injury and disease, stem and root diseases, seed and seedling diseases, soybean viruses and cyst nematodes.

Grass Seed Insects:: Information on identifying insects commonly found in grass seed fields and determining whether the insect is a pest, the severity of the problem and what treatment is recommended.

Beneficial Insects Research Unit:: Located at the University of Delaware, Newark. Provides information on current projects and research programs.

Biology and Management of Potato Insects:: Illustrated account of the various pests that attack this crop below the ground, chew foliage and stems or suck the sap, with possible control measures for each. [PDF]

Insects That Feed on Corn Ears:: Photographs and information on both the major and less common pests that attack corn ears with an identification key.

Insects Attacking Forage Crops:: Information on a number of insects that can be found on forage crops with a field key for identification.

The Yearbook of Agriculture Series: Insects:: Detailed information on insecticides, their application, safe use, insect resistance, fumigation, quarantine and inspection of goods in transit.

Insects and Diseases of Eastern Canada's Forests:: An extensive collection of images and a variety of information on the main insects and diseases of the forests of Quebec and Eastern Canada.

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