Animal DNA Testing

Animal DNA Testing Related

Commercially Available DNA Tests for Genetic Improvement of Beef Cattle:: Misinterpreting DNA tests can cost beef cattle producers time and money. This NebGuide discusses how to interpret commercial DNA marker tests.

European Animal Disease Genomics Network of Excellence for Animal Health and Food Safety:: EADGENE aims to provide the basic knowledge necessary for the development of new or improved therapeutics and vaccines, improved diagnostics and the breeding of farm animals for disease resistance.

Animal and Animal Products Import: Ratites and Hatching Eggs:: Provides information on the procedures involved in importing ratites and other avian species into the US.

NCSU: Animal Science - Extension Animal Husbandry:: North Carolina State University information resources on animal nutrition and other aspects of animal husbandry for livestock animals.

Forage Quality and Testing:: A comprehensive report from the Alfalfa Workgroup at the University of California. [PDF]

Central Testing Laboratory Ltd.:: Offers testing of plants and foodstuffs for toxins, chemicals, organisms.

NZ Wool Testing Authority:: Sampling, testing and certification service - fleece measurement on individual animals, core testing of greasy and scoured wool, staple length measurement on greasy wool, fibre length on scoured wool.

Air Testing Consultants:: Offers materials regarding indoor air quality and sick building syndrome. Located in North Miami Beach, Florida.

Air Compliance Testing, Inc.:: Stack testing (EPA industrial air pollution testing), OSHA air compliance monitoring (Industrial Hygiene testing).

Apex Emission Testing:: Supplier of stack and vent emissions testing services throughout Southern Africa. Apart from isokinetic testing, also offers ambient air quality sampling and assessment services to industry.

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