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Anigen Animal Genetics:: Manufactures and sells a wide range of rapid immunodiagnostic test kits for detecting infectious disease in companion and industrial animals.

Animal Breeding and Genetics:: Animal Breeding and Genetics Group is working on applied and basic research in collaboration with USDA, breed associations, private companies, and other universities all over the world. We are providing computational programs to assist the animal industry in the genetic evaluation and selection of livestock. Research is also occurring in the area of bioinformatics to meet both animal industry and human health needs. Graduate support is available

The Association for the Advancement of Animal Breeding and Genetics:: A professional organisation based in Australia and New Zealand for livestock scientists, breeders, educators, students and industry service providers.

Global Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics (GJABG):: Global Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics (GJABG) ISSN: 2408-5502 is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that provides rapid publication (monthly) of articles in all areas of Animal Breeding and Genetics and related disciplines. The objective of this journal is to provide a veritable platform for scientists and researchers all over the world to promote, share, and discuss a variety of innovative ideas and developments in all aspects of Anim

European Animal Disease Genomics Network of Excellence for Animal Health and Food Safety:: EADGENE aims to provide the basic knowledge necessary for the development of new or improved therapeutics and vaccines, improved diagnostics and the breeding of farm animals for disease resistance.

Animal and Animal Products Import: Ratites and Hatching Eggs:: Provides information on the procedures involved in importing ratites and other avian species into the US.

NCSU: Animal Science - Extension Animal Husbandry:: North Carolina State University information resources on animal nutrition and other aspects of animal husbandry for livestock animals.

New Zealand Genetics:: Provides genetics, information, and advisory services to pastoral dairy farmers.

Accelerated Genetics:: Markets dairy and beef semen, farm products, and genetic marker research across the United States and in over 100 foreign countries.

Genetics Australia:: Supplies genetics to the cattle breeding industry.

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