Cattle Production and the Environment Related

Lincoln Red Cattle - Cedar Ridge Cattle Company:: Breeders of Lincoln Red cattle. a very rare breed, offering cattle for sale and breed information including the breed history. Located in Oxford Station, Ontario, Canada.

Burbank Cattle Co., Registered Gelbvieh Cattle:: BCC Provides complete EPD's, on-test gain data, actual birth, weaning and yearling weights, ultrasound carcass data, pelvic, frame and scrotal measurements as well as breeding soundness exam. Located in St. Catharine, MO, USA.

Cattle Passport and Cattle Movement Agency:: An agency for obtaining UK Cattle Passports and notifying Cattle Movements electronically.

CP Production:: Sells meat packing plant equipment, such as skewers.

Chicken Production:: Collection of links to research materials on production chicken husbandry including news, diseases, economics, reproduction, management, genetics, housing, and nutrition.

Emu Production:: Article from the Texas Cooperative Extension providing information on the commercial farming of emus. [PDF]

Ostrich Production:: Article from the Texas Cooperative Extension including information on the commercial farming of ostriches. [PDF]

Tea Production:: Information on its history, how and where it is grown, processed and blended and traditions surrounding its use.

Amaranth Production:: Amaranth grain can be popped, flaked, or ground into a high-protein flour. Information on the crop and on the Amaranth Institute which promotes and supports amaranth production, science, and marketing. [PDF]

Silage Production:: Discusses the advantages and disadvantages of making silage as compared to hay, and how silage making fits in with other farm operations.

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Charollais Sheep Society
Florida Wild Mammal Association (FWMA)
Primary Leap
The Department of Animal Sciences, Colorado State University
Ragwort Poisoning in Livestock: Prevention and Control