Dairy Cow Health and Metabolic Disease Relative to Nutritional Factors

Dairy Cow Health and Metabolic Disease Relative to Nutritional Factors Related

Nutritional Effects on Sheep Health:: Prevention and treatment of diseases commonly associated with nutritional imbalances.

Dairy Cow Feed Management:: Updated version of software innovation for feeding dairy cows.

World Health Organization (WHO): Using Climate to Predict Infectious Disease Outbreaks:: Review of the degree to which epidemics are sensitive to climate variations. Identifies candidate diseases and describes the conceptual framework for developing climate-based early warning systems. [PDF]

European Animal Disease Genomics Network of Excellence for Animal Health and Food Safety:: EADGENE aims to provide the basic knowledge necessary for the development of new or improved therapeutics and vaccines, improved diagnostics and the breeding of farm animals for disease resistance.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Milking Parlour:: Factsheet in Welsh and English from the Dairy Development Centre on this topic. [PDF]

Feed Factors & David T Boyd:: UK based shippers, importers and distributors of raw materials for human and animal feeds, including GM-free soya.

JW Nutritional:: We specialize in creating and manufacturing private formulas for vitamins, dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, and nutritional supplements. JW Nutritional strives to maintain a high quality of business from communication all the way to product fulfillment. Making long lasting partnerships with our clients is paramount. We are a contract manufacturing company specializing in private labeling of capsules, powders and tablets. Our product selection

Nutritional Solutions:: Provides nutrition analysis and facts panels, food labeling, and ingredient statements for the food industry. Located in Melville, New York.

Kemin Nutritional Solutions:: Manufactures patented and proven additives for human food, vitamin and personal care products, pet food diets, livestock feed and grain treatment. Company profile, product information and career opportunities.

Nutritional Supplement Manufacturers:: Paragon Laboratories is a contract formulator, manufacturer and packager of nutritional and nutraceutical dietary supplements in Torrance, California. We produce vitamins, tablets, capsules, protein powders and more supplements in wide variety of sizes for customer.

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