Basic Pig Husbandry: Gilts and Sows

Basic Pig Husbandry: Gilts and Sows Related

Basic Pig Husbandry: The Boar:: Provides guidance on selecting boars, mating management, feed requirements, disease control programs, detusking and reluctance to work. [PDF]

Animal Husbandry:: Animal Farming Project Reports for Bank Loan. Animal husbandry has tremendous potential for employment generation .Dairy farming. sheep farming, goat farming, poultry farming & pig farming provide excellent opportunity of self employment for unemployed youth of our country. This sector has great role to play in poverty reduction of our country. Animal husbandry sector is growing at the rate of 4% per year double of agriculture. Besides providin

Basic Food Flavors, Inc.:: Manufacturer of over 120 different hydrolyzed vegetable protein products including non-gmo and I.P certified.

Basic American Foods:: Specializes in prepared potatoes, chili, and beans for the foodservice industry. Product information and rebates, recipes, company profile, and related links.

Basic Food International, Inc.:: Wholesale supplier of frozen, canned, packaged, and cooked foods to retail and institutional organizations.

Basic Goat Primer:: Extensive information on goats. Breeds, care, goat clubs, books and supplies.

A Scout's Guide to Basic Cotton Terminology:: Glossary of technical terms used when discussing cotton and its pests.

NCSU: Animal Science - Extension Animal Husbandry:: North Carolina State University information resources on animal nutrition and other aspects of animal husbandry for livestock animals.

Pig Basics:: Everything you ever needed to know about pigs but didn’t know who to ask. [PDF]

The Pig Journal:: Produced by the UK Pig Veterinary Society, this twice yearly publication provides authoritative articles and information on pig production and health.

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