Pig Basics

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Beekeeping Basics:: Learn about the historical background, equipment, defenses, colony development and honey harvesting.

Agri-Basics:: A group of independent soil, crop and livestock experts based in the United States who specialize in balancing animal rations and supplying products to meet production goals. There is some information on products and services on the site, and a members area.

Coffee Basics:: Offers blends and varietals in several roasts. Describes products and company history, and also gives information on cafe in Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia.

The Basics of Feeding Sheep:: This article covers the basics of sheep nutrition.

Holly's Cooking Basics:: Natural sea salt, organic and pure imported from the sea near Brittany, France.

Waterfowl South Africa: The Basics:: Provides brief details on breeding swans, geese and ducks.

Usenet: Climate Change: Some Basics:: Archived Usenet FAQ.

The Pig Journal:: Produced by the UK Pig Veterinary Society, this twice yearly publication provides authoritative articles and information on pig production and health.

Pig World:: Covers all aspects of U.K. and European pig production, including health, nutrition, housing, and management.

The Pig Farm:: Small beverage dispensing system. FAQs, list of retailers, and microbreweries using the Party Pig.

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