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Pig Basics:: Everything you ever needed to know about pigs but didn’t know who to ask. [PDF]

Pig World:: Covers all aspects of U.K. and European pig production, including health, nutrition, housing, and management.

The Pig Farm:: Small beverage dispensing system. FAQs, list of retailers, and microbreweries using the Party Pig.

The Pig Place:: Pasture raised Tamworth and Berkshire weaner pigs for sale to produce your own pork. [Upstate New York]

The Pig Planet:: Provides information on showpigs available across the country and also provides tips, discussion groups, forums, resources and contests.

The Yorkshire Pig:: At The Yorkshire Pig we're known best for our stunning selection of catering menus and machine hire equipment, but unlike other companies we don't restrict ourselves to one small town or village, we cater all over Yorkshire! If Yorkshire is Gods own county then we’re Gods own hog roaster, because we're the number one provider of spit roasts and we cook up the finest and most delicious slow cooked pork around. How do we do it? It’s simple. We

Pig Improvement Company:: PIC is a pig breeding company servicing pig farmers and the food industry.

Pig Paradise Farm:: Offers day courses in pig keeping, information on rare breeds, and the sale of pig arks and meat. [UK]

British Pig Association:: The official breed society in the UK maintaining the Herd Books of pedigree breeds. Provides information on each breed, local clubs, shows and events.

European Pig Producers:: A technical, social and economic forum for pig raisers in Europe.

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