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Thorogood's Haylage Ltd:: Whether you have one horse or a yard full of them we can supply all your feed, forage and bedding (as well as a few other essentials) and deliver direct to your door at great prices! We have some fantastic hay and straw products, horse bedding and horse feed so please go and check them out. We think we are pretty unique! We know that consistently high quality feed and haylage is essential to the wellbeing of your horse. We also know that value fo

Sheep Management::: Fact sheet #1. Recommendations for sheep selection programs. Provided by Iowa State University. [PDF]

Living with Sheep:: Web site offering book for sale, entitled: Living with Sheep: Everything You Need to Know to Raise Your Own Flock" by Chuck Wooster and Geoff Hansen.

Sheep Coats:: Instructions for making Sheep Coats to protect wool fleeces.

Something's Been Killing My Sheep - But What?:: Factsheet to aid producers and livestock evaluators in distinguishing between losses caused by predators and non-predator causes. Emphasis is placed on distinguishing between coyote predation and dog predation, since they collectively account for almost all predator related losses in Ontario flocks.

Nordic Sheep:: Breeder of purebred Icelandic sheep in Mid-Atlantic region offering naturally colored breeding stock, lambs for sale, fleece, and lopi fiber. T

Wisconsin Offering sheep, fleeces, and information about the farm.

Miniature Sheep:: Breeders and sellers of miniature Cormos.

Kitzan's Sheep:: Breeder specializing in producing meat sheep, not show animals; based on Suffolk, Rambouillet, SAMM breeds. Located in Nisland, South Dakota.

Samm Sheep:: SAMM (South African Merino Mutton) rams and ewes, embryos, meat,and lambs; imported from South Africa. Located in Australia.

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American Dorper Sheep Breeders' Society
Michigan Sheep Breeders Association (MSBA)
New Zealand Merino Stud Breeders