Evaluating Farm Resources and Sheep Production Systems

Evaluating Farm Resources and Sheep Production Systems Related

Agricultural Alternatives - Milking Sheep Production:: Publication addressing marketing and profitability concerns related to milking sheep, production and health, and includes sample budgets and references for more information. Provided by Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences, USA. [PDF]

Humane Sheep Handling and Transport Resources:: Bibliography and audiovisuals.

Specialty Mushroom Production Systems: Maitake and Morels:: Report from the Australian Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation on the commercial scale cultivation of these specialty mushrooms. [PDF]

Evaluating Silage Quality:: Describes how to take forage samples while filling the silo, visual evaluation of the fermented crop and chemical analysis.

Farm Pond Management: Increasing Production through Fertilization:: Fact sheet from the Maryland Sea Grant Extension on when and how to apply fertiliser, and the selection of the right product.

Schafewald Sheep Farm:: Jacob sheep and Jacob sheep products; located near Loveland, Colorado.

Deer Run Sheep Farm:: Breeders of Bluefaced Leicester cross sheep, and registered natural colored and white Coopworth sheep. Located in the Potomac Highlands of eastern West Virginia.

Whiskey Creek Sheep Farm:: A small farm that has sustainable production and ecological restoration, raising Border Leicester sheep and Australian Shepherds. Located in Krawkow, MO.

Oak Lane Sheep Farm:: Producers of composite lambs, Florida Native, Royal White and St. Croix breeding stock. Located in Lake City, FL.

Star Dust Sheep Farm:: Breeders of award winning Dorset sheep offering club lambs, breeding ewes, Heifers, club calves and Border Collies. Located at Rose Hill, KS, USA.

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