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University of Wisconsin Corn Silage Breeding Program:: Information on corn silage analysis, breeding, and evaluation of germplasm available to the public and private sectors.

Feeding High Moisture Corn:: This explains how feeding cattle high moisture grain can minimize harvest, storage, and feed processing costs.

The Basics of Feeding Sheep:: This article covers the basics of sheep nutrition.

Sheep Feeding Programs: Forage and Feed Analysis:: Provides information on choosing the nutrients to be measured and the taking of samples.

Silage Production:: Discusses the advantages and disadvantages of making silage as compared to hay, and how silage making fits in with other farm operations.

Evaluating Silage Quality:: Describes how to take forage samples while filling the silo, visual evaluation of the fermented crop and chemical analysis.

Research on Silage in England and Wales:: The results of a survey of dairy farmers on the use of High Dry-Matter silage.

Development of a Novel Antifungal Silage Inoculant, The:: PhD research thesis into the isolation of inoculant strains with antifungal activities. Includes a review of the state of the art.

Improvised Silage Stretch Film:: We as a company offer great Agricultural Films used for various purposes which include Plastic Mulching Film, Plastic Green House Film, Silage Stretch Film, Bio Degradable Mulch Film, Low Tunnel Film and Mulch Film.

Estimating Moisture Content of Forages and Silage:: Describes how moisture content can be estimated by a hand or squeeze method, and more accurately by the use of a microwave oven.

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