Management Practices Can Influence Predation

Management Practices Can Influence Predation Related

Best Management Practices: A Manure Nutrient Management Program:: Article describes methods of applying the natural fertilizer, while avoiding pollution. From the Ohio State University Extension - Department of Horticulture and Crop Science.

Tillage Best Management Practices for Water Quality Protection in Southeastern Minnesota:: Article provided by the University of Minnesota extension covering tillage, erosion control and research findings.

The Electronic Guard: A Tool in Predation Control:: Describes a device provided by the U.S. Wildlife Services to reduce wildlife damage to agricultural resources.

The Influence of Soils and Species on Tree Root Depth:: Peter Crow provides a guide to expected rooting depth ranges of trees for a selection of species on soils with different characteristics. [PDF]

Soils, Cropping Practices and Fertilizer Use:: Describes the fertilizer requirements of different soil types, with particular reference to Alberta.

Advanced Building Technologies & Practices:: Professional builder's guide to environmentally responsible technologies and materials for use in commercial/industrial buildings.

Integrated Production Practices of Cashew in China:: An account by the FAO of the status of this crop in China and the production methods used there.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certification:: Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification from SGS ensures the integrity of your food manufacturing process as well as your compliance with food safety regulations. Assurance of the safety and quality of food is an important consideration for consumers today. A GMP is an important enhancement to your food safety management system, which increases your customers’ confidence in your commitment to trading and producing safe, high quality fo

Survey of Field Pea Production Practices in South Australia:: Includes a study of the practices, principal problems, and a discussion of its relative importance.

Sheep Management::: Fact sheet #1. Recommendations for sheep selection programs. Provided by Iowa State University. [PDF]

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