Something's Been Killing My Sheep - But What?

Something's Been Killing My Sheep - But What? Related

Lost at Sea: What's Killing the Great Atlantic Salmon?:: Smithsonian Magazine article about threats to the population of this fish.

Sheep Management::: Fact sheet #1. Recommendations for sheep selection programs. Provided by Iowa State University. [PDF]

Living with Sheep:: Web site offering book for sale, entitled: Living with Sheep: Everything You Need to Know to Raise Your Own Flock" by Chuck Wooster and Geoff Hansen.

Sheep Coats:: Instructions for making Sheep Coats to protect wool fleeces.

Nordic Sheep:: Breeder of purebred Icelandic sheep in Mid-Atlantic region offering naturally colored breeding stock, lambs for sale, fleece, and lopi fiber. T

Wisconsin Offering sheep, fleeces, and information about the farm.

Miniature Sheep:: Breeders and sellers of miniature Cormos.

Kitzan's Sheep:: Breeder specializing in producing meat sheep, not show animals; based on Suffolk, Rambouillet, SAMM breeds. Located in Nisland, South Dakota.

Samm Sheep:: SAMM (South African Merino Mutton) rams and ewes, embryos, meat,and lambs; imported from South Africa. Located in Australia.

Sheep Is Life:: Hosted by Diné College in collaboration with Diné bí' íína', Native American Pastoral Textile Project of the Institute of American Indian Arts, Navajo-Churro Sheep Association, and Navajo Sheep Project.

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