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The Sheep Flock Improvement Program:: SFIP is a home testing genetic improvement program designed to assist Ontario purebred and commercial sheep producers in the evaluation of potential breeding stock and to provide a measure of the comparative productivity of ewes in the flock. Enrollment information and data available.

Brighton Flock Jacob Sheep:: Breeders of purebred registered Jacob sheep. Located in Brookeville, Maryland.

The Woolpit Flock of Jacob Sheep:: Jacob Sheep Society Member and breeder based in Woolpit, Suffolk, England.

Sheep Flock Improvement Program EPDs:: Using Estimated Progeny Difference to make genetic improvements and increase flock performance.

The Lowerye Flock of British Charollais Sheep.:: Website of the Lowerye flock of British Charollais Sheep. Embryos and ram semen available for export sale. Located in UK.

The Springfield Flock of Greyface Dartmoor Sheep:: Details of the flock, information on the breed and photographs.

The Eden Flock- Pedigree Ryeland Sheep:: The Ryeland sheep was developed in the Southern part of Herefordshire (Archenfeld) on land which originally grew a great deal of rye grass. It is probably the oldest of the recognised breeds, the earliest references dating back to the twelth century when the monks of Hereford were trading in Ryeland wool. The origins of the breed are uncertain. Youatt, writing in 1837, suggests that the Ryeland descends from Spanish Merino sheep imported into Eng

The Merchant Flock - Hebridean and Manx Loghtan Sheep in Ashwell, Hertfordshire:: The Merchant Flock of Hebridean and Manx Loghtan Sheep. Supplying pedigree stock and meat through Crumps the Butcher, Ashwell, Hertfordshire.

Expanding Frontiers:: Exporter and distributor of Argentina food products to specialty stores in United States. Company profile and contact details.

Starting Out in Show Poultry:: Australian author discusses aspects of the fancy and points to keep in mind when starting out in the hobby.

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