Wintering the Ewe Flock Related

Feeding the Ewe Flock:: What and how much should I feed my sheep? That is a question that is asked quite regularly. The correct answer is: it depends.

Nutrition of the Ewe Flock:: Steps to prevent "empty gut disease" caused by the inadequate supply of nutrients.

Reproductive Management of the Ewe Flock and the Ram:: Reproduction in sheep is influenced by numerous factors. These include: genetic potential, nutritional status, environmental factors, daylength or photoperiod effects, health status and other factors. These factors are important in both the ram and the ewe.

Ewe Byte:: Offering a system for managing sheep production and health.

Improving Reproductive Performance of the Ewe:: Factsheet from Utah State University Extension. [PDF]

Late Gestation Ewe Management:: Information on preparing for lambing, provided by the University of Nebraska extension. [PDF]

Flock Shock:: Waterfowl control in northern California, US. Services offered include consultancy, site management, waterfowl relocation and water resources management.

Gedwydd Flock:: Breeder of Wilsire Horn Sheep, a woolless breed of sheep. Located in North Wales, Unitied Kingdom.

The Damburgh Flock:: Information about the Clun Forest sheep of The Damburgh Flock. Located in Bodegraven, The Netherlands.

Bonnygate Flock:: Breeder of Jacob sheep in Glen Farg, Perthshire; offering breed information and stock for sale.

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