Eating Garden Snails

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Raising Snails (from AFSIC):: Heliciculture guide covering various aspects of raising edible terrestrial snails, including common species, soil conditions, feeding, harvesting, import regulations, and an extensive bibliography. From The Alternative Farming Systems Information Center at the US National Agricultural Library.

South West Snails:: UK Snail farmer describes how they raise and sell English escargot. Live, in-shell, de-shelled snail meat and speciality butters available

Farming Edible Snails: Lessons from Italy:: Commissioned by the Australian Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation, this report by Sonya Begg includes detailed information on most aspects of large scale outdoor cultivation of snails in Italy. [PDF]

Mail Order Catalog for Healthy Eating:: Sells vegetarian meat and dairy substitutes, organic products, sprouting seeds, cookbooks, and natural personal care products.

NPR : Arsenic Eating Microbe Discovered:: Researchers in California have discovered a microbe that feasts on arsenic. [3:55 streaming audio broadcast] (May 26, 2005)

Sustainable Eating: Building Community Through Food:: Magazine that aims to educate and engage its readers in sustainable food practices for personal, community, and environmental health.

Garden Worms:: Online supplier of composting worms and other organic growing and composting supplies, based in Spring Grove, PA, USA.

Ganja Garden:: Forum for discussing cannabis cultivation.

Garden Huckleberries:: These fruiting plants are semi-tropical annuals of the family Solanaceae and not closely related to the American huckleberry. Article on their cultivation.

Garden Thought:: Blog by Ethan Cramer providing his views on theoretical ornamental horticulture, gardening in an organized way and similar topics.

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