Farming Edible Snails: Lessons from Italy

Farming Edible Snails: Lessons from Italy Related

Earth Day Lessons and Teacher Resources:: Find a variety of Earth Day lesson plans with units on rainforests, the greenhouse effect, forest ecology, and more.

Eating Garden Snails:: Explains the preparation and cooking of garden snails for food and provides information on breeding and fattening them in the UK.

Raising Snails (from AFSIC):: Heliciculture guide covering various aspects of raising edible terrestrial snails, including common species, soil conditions, feeding, harvesting, import regulations, and an extensive bibliography. From The Alternative Farming Systems Information Center at the US National Agricultural Library.

South West Snails:: UK Snail farmer describes how they raise and sell English escargot. Live, in-shell, de-shelled snail meat and speciality butters available

Earth Day: Teacher's Lounge - Wilderness Lessons:: Find lessons that were developed specifically to teach kids (grades 4-6) in a fun and engaging way about wilderness and the animals and plants that depend on wilderness habitat for their survival.

Wines from Italy:: Offering a selection of wines, with information about the regions and the wineries where they are produced. Shipping within US.

A Taste of Italy:: Imported Italian food specialties, gift baskets, cheeses, pasta, cookies, balsamic vinegars and olive oils.

Thor-Italy:: Offers log splitters.

A Taste of Italy Foods:: Offering specialties including cheeses, pasta, confectionery, condiments, cured meats, fruit and gift boxes,

Paca Village Italy:: Alpaca allevati in Umbria, Italia. Alpaca Breeding and information about Suri and Huacaya alpacas. Site can be viewed in English or Italian.

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