Raising Snails (from AFSIC)

Raising Snails (from AFSIC) Related

Eating Garden Snails:: Explains the preparation and cooking of garden snails for food and provides information on breeding and fattening them in the UK.

South West Snails:: UK Snail farmer describes how they raise and sell English escargot. Live, in-shell, de-shelled snail meat and speciality butters available

Farming Edible Snails: Lessons from Italy:: Commissioned by the Australian Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation, this report by Sonya Begg includes detailed information on most aspects of large scale outdoor cultivation of snails in Italy. [PDF]

Duck Raising:: Information about ducks, breeds and breeding, disease problems, housing, egg production, brooding, rearing ducklings, feeding, processing, marketing and cooking them.

Raising Ducks:: Article by Melvin Hamre on breeds of duck, brooding and feeding ducklings, breeder flock management and incubation.

Geese Raising:: Information about geese, breeds and breeding, housing, disease problems, handling and using geese, egg production, brooding, rearing goslings, feeding, processing and marketing.

Pheasant Raising:: Information about pheasants, breeds and breeding, disease problems, housing, egg production, brooding, handling, feeding, processing and cooking them.

The New Agrarian: Raising Ducks:: David Walbert on the care and feeding of the suburban duck and his experience in raising and living with Campbell ducks. Includes management, housing needs and construction, egg production and use, journal of development including photographs and video, and resources.

Raising Guinea Fowl:: Article from the Texas Cooperative Extension providing information on the commercial farming of guinea fowl. [PDF]

Hair Raising Rock:: UK. Manufacturer of speciality rock candies. Includes production photographs.

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