South West Snails Related

South West Snail Supply:: Pictures of a snail growing operation (no longer in business) and the story of the trials and tribulations of a novice snail-rancher.

Eating Garden Snails:: Explains the preparation and cooking of garden snails for food and provides information on breeding and fattening them in the UK.

Raising Snails (from AFSIC):: Heliciculture guide covering various aspects of raising edible terrestrial snails, including common species, soil conditions, feeding, harvesting, import regulations, and an extensive bibliography. From The Alternative Farming Systems Information Center at the US National Agricultural Library.

Harvesting the West: Agriculture, Mariculture, and the Fur Trade in the West:: Texts, critical essays, links, and images.

Farming Edible Snails: Lessons from Italy:: Commissioned by the Australian Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation, this report by Sonya Begg includes detailed information on most aspects of large scale outdoor cultivation of snails in Italy. [PDF]

A.P.C West:: Importer and distributor of almonds, walnuts and other nuts.

Minicows West:: Genetically selected miniature cattle.

Cream of the West, Inc:: Providing whole grain cereals, huckleberry syrup, honey, granola, and gifts. Contain recipes and health related articles. Harlowton, Montana.

Produce West Inc.:: Brokers and distributors of fresh produce to chains and wholesalers throughout the country. Salinas, California.

Swedcan West Inc.:: International forestry equipment and supplies source, carrying Voac, Monsun-Tison, Timberjack, and John Deere Valmet.

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