Nature's Footprint: The Worm Factory

Nature's Footprint: The Worm Factory Related

Worm Man's Worm Farm:: Offers composting worms, supplies, free bin plans, and information.

Balanced Footprint:: Provides information on the carbon emissions made by people and businesses. Offers to purchase carbon offsets from projects in the United States, thereby reducing carbon emissions and investing in the economy.

Carbon Footprint:: Information for householders to identify and calculate their carbon footprint and tips to reduce carbon emissions.

Ecological Footprint Quiz:: Estimates how much productive land and water you need to support what you use and what you discard. Created by Earth Day Network and Redefining Progress.

Nature Worldwide: Monitoring Nature:: Provides a comprehensive monitoring database for storing ecological and management data, also provides tools and manuals for downloading.

Nature New York's Nature (NNYN):: Not-for-profit foundation dedicated to creating public awareness of the importance of nurturing New York's nature for the health and well being of the City's inhabitants.

The Worm Works:: Distributors of the Worm Works multi-tray wormery in the UK. Provides information on its use and an FAQ.

Worm Store:: Large store for worms, worm bins, and books.

The Worm Wigwam:: Procedures for composting using earthworms, and a vermicomposting system offered for sale.

Worm Woman:: Aka Mary Appelhof.

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