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Eco Innovators - LCA based eco design advice:: An Australian based environmental consultancy service specialising in eco design advice based on life cycle assessment methodology. Needs Flash.

Worms Down Under:: Australian commercial worm farm supplying compost worms, worm farms, vermicast and vermiliquid and providing waste management strategies using vermiculture.

Worms Etc.:: Blog on worm farming and related matters. Also offers worms, equipment and supplies for sale.

Garden Worms:: Online supplier of composting worms and other organic growing and composting supplies, based in Spring Grove, PA, USA.

Red Worms:: Supplier of worms, bins and composting equipment. Includes blog and worm composting information and tips.

Worms-Composting:: Online supplier of worms, worm farms, composters and accessories.

Bucket of Worms:: Provides information on the Dendrobaena worm, composting, wormeries and the use of worms for fishing, with an online shop selling worms and wormeries. [UK]

Topline Worms:: Vermiculture and vermicomposting information in the form of FAQ, books, links, and products.

Working Worms:: Provides information on the benefits of worm farming and an illustrated step by step guide to building a worm composter.

Home Composting with Worms:: Australian company offering a lot of good information about composting with worms.

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