VermiCo Earthworms and Castings

VermiCo Earthworms and Castings Related

Fresno Valves & Castings, Inc.:: Manufacturer of irrigation equipment including filters, valves, gates, air vents, and fittings.

Castings Development Centre:: A research/development/consultancy facility located in Sheffield, England that uses the ADMS-2 dispersion model to offer air pollution dispersion modeling services to the castings production industry.

Earthworms 4 Sale:: Sale of red wigglers, European nightcrawlers, African nightcrawlers, and Canadian nightcrawlers for composting or for fishing.

The Infography about Earthworms:: Provides a number of online and print resources on earthworms.

The City Naturalist - Earthworms:: Short account of earthworms; an article by Leslie Day.

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