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Earthworms 4 Sale:: Sale of red wigglers, European nightcrawlers, African nightcrawlers, and Canadian nightcrawlers for composting or for fishing.

The Infography about Earthworms:: Provides a number of online and print resources on earthworms.

VermiCo Earthworms and Castings:: Supplier of red worms, earthworm castings, bins, and supplies. Also has vermicomposter consultants.

Kansas School Naturalist:: Resource published by Emporia State University for teachers, youth leaders, and conservationists with an interest in natural history and nature education.

John Muir, Aged Naturalist, Dead:: 1914 obituary from the New York Times. Registration required.

City Girls:: Blog about a flock of backyard chickens living in Seattle.

The City Chicken:: Provides plenty of information to help city dwellers to get started in this enterprise, including details of coops and workshops to attend.

Bee City:: Tupelo honey in various sizes and containers, plus bee pollen, and figurines made of beeswax.

City Food Co., Ltd.:: Produces a variety of curry pastes, sauces, instant soups, and ready-to-serve dishes. Bangkok, Thailand.

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