Worm Composting

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Mama's Worm Composting:: Provides information and advice about using worms for composting and offers European nightcrawlers and red wrigglers, worm bins, books and supplies.

Red Worm Composting:: Blog with plenty of worm composting information. Supplier of Red Worms and European Nightcrawlers.

Indoor Red Worm Composting:: Provides information about the benefits of red worm composting in an indoor compost bin, how to proceed and how it can help the environment.

Worm Man's Worm Farm:: Offers composting worms, supplies, free bin plans, and information.

Worms-Composting:: Online supplier of worms, worm farms, composters and accessories.

Composting with Redworms:: An informative "how to" of home vermiculture.

Composting and Soils:: Basic information on how to produce and use compost, building compost and worm bins and improving soil health.

Home Composting with Worms:: Australian company offering a lot of good information about composting with worms.

Marcia's Vermiculture Composting:: Sales of worms, bins and other equipment for vermiculture.

Composting Red Worms:: Blog focused on the benefits of vermicomposting, how to raise red worms and some topics on organic gardening.

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