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Alternative Aquaculture Ltd:: Provides small scale fish farming systems, fish tagging systems, and also stock, equipment and services.

Grazing Systems and Alternative Livestock Breeds:: Livestock production alternatives provide farmers with a wide variety of options, from raising unusual animals to utilizing pasture-based systems or developing value-added animal products.

Aquaculture Information and Technology:: Full service consulting and productivity enhancement products for the international fish and shrimp farming communities.

Regional Aquaculture Information System (RAIS):: The creation of a Regional Aquaculture Information System (RAIS) has been requested by the RECOFI Members countries in response to the rapid development of the aquaculture sector in the region. During the Third session of the Commission (Doha, Qatar, 9–11 May 2005) Kuwait offered to host the RAIS in the premises of the Public Authority of Agriculture Affairs and Fisheries Resources and allocated the funds to develop the regional information sys

Farming Systems and Poverty:: Maps of farming systems, resources, soils, crops and livestock in six world regions. Also analyses of the trends, emerging constraints and priority development actions.

Organic Farming Systems:: We have been in the business of sustainable agriculture for over 15 years. Organic Farming Systems is a leading Australian supplier of sustainable and organic fertilisers, and soil and crop health products. We specialise in assisting growers incorporate sustainable farming practices into their program, improving soil and crop health which ultimately improves quality and yield. What our growers want most: • Nutrient Release from Soils • S

Pacific Regional Aquaculture Information Service for Education (PRAISE):: This organisation aims to support the development of the aquaculture industry in the Pacific region. Provides a free computer program to assist Tilapia farmers in diagnosing problems.

Advanced Aquaculture Systems Inc.:: Professional design and technical support services for recirculating and pond aquaculture systems.

FARMWORKS Precision Farming Systems:: GPS mapping and precision agriculture services for rural New Zealand.

Aquaculture Systems Technologies, LLC:: Specializing in bead filters and related equipment.

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